Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Summer Romance

Oh Pinterest, how I love you. But I also hate you.

Do you not realise that I have packing/cleaning/small(ish) children/cooking to do?

You must stop teasing me and distracting me from real life and making me think that I can live in a pure white house wearing floaty clothes and eating delicious food with Daniel.

It must stop.

I am going away for a while and when I return I insist you do not contact me.

I am sorry it has to be this way but it is over.

Farewell my love.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Look who's come for supper...

While we were sitting eating our supper, a snuffling and scuffling sound could be heard and glancing out of the door, who should we spy but Mrs Tiggywinkle, otherwise known as Stuart. (Long story.) S/he didn't stay long enough to pose for a good photo but I am sure I heard her say 'Cheers' as s/he went on her way.

I hope you are enjoying some late evening sunshine and soaking up some much needed vitamin D.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Broken and Holey

I managed to loose a whole post about SmallerBean's exciting two days. A and E. Teeth falling out. Doctors, nurses, x-rays and plaster casts. Me having to leave the house full of friends eating cake and buying jewellery to go and collect my girlie from school and cart her off to hospital. My gorgeous friends clearing up my house and locking up. But blogger lost it. Buggerblogger. Anyway. Here she is, broken and holey and very disappointed that it isn't school tomorrow so she can show off her new look.

Two broken bones in the cutest little cast

One hole where the tooth used to sit

A very brave and stoic Bean who is really looking forward to going to school on Monday.

 Have a happy and sunny weekend filled with mundanity and calm.